Friday, September 11, 2009

Uganda Riots

11 September - High tensions and some violence continued in Uganda as security forces faced protestors in the second day of pro-monarchy clashes.

Some shooting as well as firing of teargas was reported as police and security forces continued in their sweep to quell any small formations of pro-monarchist protestors.

The government of Uganda has however stood by its decision to block the visit by the traditional leader of the Kingdom of Buganda to the northern part of the region, according to president Yoweri Museveni in a televised national address today.

Most of the central town was reported closed this morning while school children also stayed home following clashes that started yesterday.

The government of President Museveni has come under pressure from pro-monarchists and traditionalists of the Baganda Kingdom after violence erupted in the capital, Kampala, leaving at least 8 people dead yesterday.

The violence was reportedly sparked by the government’s attempt to bar the Kingdom’s representatives to visit part of the Baganda region as the monarch seek to expand his influence in the region.

Pro-monarchists are said to have clashed with the police and military officers after burning tyres and blocking streets in the capital.

Though many of the killed and those injured were civilians, reports also confirmed that at least one police officer was also killed, allegedly by a youth group that was part of the protest.

The government of Uganda has recently come under fire by the Kingdom’s representatives on land as well as political rights. The government was still expected to give its clear position on the barring order, while calm was reported to have been restored with the help of the military police in the city.

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