Friday, September 18, 2009

Jobless Father Sells Daughter

HYDERABAD: A jobless man who had offered his young daughter for sale just a day before is deluged with generous offers of monetary help from philanthropists from across the country and abroad.

Mohammad Ayoub, jobless since he was sacked by Wapda two years ago, offered his daughter, Tasmia Bano, 12, for sale on Wednesday. He sat outside the press club with a placard hanging from the girl’s neck reading ‘girl for sale’.

He said he had served in Wapda as a security guard for nine years. Two years ago he caught some Wapda employees stealing scrap but the officials instead of taking action against the thieves terminated his service.

Ayoub has been deluged with monetary help and offers of help from different people from within and without the country.

The deputy general secretary of the Hyderabad chapter of the Pakistan People’s Party, Roshan Solangi, handed over Rs10,000 to Ayoub’s wife at her residence in Mumtaz Colony on Thursday.

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This sort of thing was common in Europe until the Justinian Code made it illegal.

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