Saturday, September 12, 2009

On Abortion Issue, Violence Prevails

The Flint Journal is reporting that longtime pro-life advocate James Pouillon was shot and killed in front of Owosso High School this morning.

“We do not know the motive yet. But this is a time to console one another, and to renew our determination to organize peaceful protests,” said Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. “It is no time for fear. And I am waiting to hear the abortion advocates condemn this killing.”

A suspect was taken into custody shortly after the shooting.

Contrary to secular media reports, there’s a fair amount of violence perpetrated by abortion advocates - in addition to the violence done to the unborn - against pro-life advocates. That story is told in this Register story. Here’s an excerpt:

Ed Snell, of Harrisburg, Pa. knows a thing or two about the violence typically found at abortion businesses – violence directed not at abortion advocates, but at those opposing abortion. On December 22, 2007, Snell, then 69-years-old, was atop his car, attempting to sidewalk counsel over an 8-foot high fence next door to the Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center.One young couple walked up, and Snell attempted to share information with them about the link between abortion and breast cancer.

“The young man became enraged,” said John McTernan, who witnessed what happened. “He leaped over the fence, landed on top of Ed’s car and violently pushed Ed off the car. Ed went head-first off the car.”

Snell was knocked unconscious, sustained cracked vertebrae, broken ribs and collarbone, a cracked skull, and bleeding on the brain. He spent the next two days in the hospital, a month at home in bed, and a year of doctor visits.

“When he hit the top of the car, he caught me under my jaw,” said Snell. “I landed eight feet from the car.”Snell’s been active in the pro-life movement for 20 years.

“I’m used to intimidation,” said Snell. “If you breathe hard on someone or bump someone with your elbow, you’re going to jail. This was the most violent thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Undeterred, Snell continues to show up at the abortion business three days a week. Now, instead of climbing atop his car, he speaks to clients through a crack in the fence.

“I won’t go up on top of my car again,” said Snell. “That was too traumatic for my family.”

Representatives from the various prolife organizations told the Register that they have commonly encountered violence by those who support abortion.

“Cars have swerved to intimidate us,” said Carney. “People scream and yell obscenities.”

“On numerous occasions abortion workers have threatened to assault us and run us over,” said McTernan.

Brian Gibson, director of the St. Paul, Minn.-based Pro-Life Action Ministries, agreed, saying that he’s been personally assaulted by Planned Parenthood workers who have pushed and shoved him, as well being arrested on false charges.

In December, while trying to sidewalk counsel a couple, Gibson was shoved by the male, and later arrested. The case was later dropped.

“We’ve always been non-violent in word and deed,” said Gibson. “I’ve never touched anyone and I won’t. The thousands of hours we’ve been in front of abortion businesses there has never been an instance of violence on our part. In the history of our organization 2,500 babies have been saved.”

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