Saturday, September 12, 2009

Atheism is all about ME

Father Dwight Longenecker over at Standing on My Head has this to say:

The Daily Telegraph reports on the 'coolest atheist T Shirts' here. What strikes me about these slogans is how lame they are. Really, can't they do better than that? Each one really says, "Hey, I'm a sophomore in college now! See how smart I am?"

What is most frightening about most contemporary atheism from Dawkins down to the dumbest hedonist who wishes he had read Dawkins is how these folks really have refused to do their homework. Dawkins has now been picked apart, challenged and refuted by a good number of equally intelligent authors from a range of different Christian traditions, but it doesn't seem anyone is really bothering to do the homework.

The reasons for atheism are complex. Mostly it is simply human rebellion against God and his moral code. Atheists and a huge section of our modern society hate God because they want to live their lives without any restrictions.

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