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INDEX of Topics

Steinhardt Ordered to Return Looted Antiquities
Preserving Antiquities
The Return of Stolen Antiquities
Ethiopian Crown Returned
Priceless Manuscripts Saved
Metropolitan Museum Returns Stolen Egyptian Coffin
5 Manuscripts in Museum of the Bible Found to be Forgeries
Iconoclasm: The destruction and loss of heritage reconsidered


Belgium Approves Euthanasia for Terminal Children
Belgium's Big Business: Organ Harvesting
Insane Conversations in Belgium
Identical Twins Killed by Belgium Doctors

Binary Distinctions, Binary Sets
Understanding Binary Distinctions
Levi-Strauss and Derrida on Binary Distinctions
Does the Binary Feature Signal Greater Complexity?
The Biblical Worldview is Binary
Blood and Binary Distinctions
Binary Distinctions of the Horites
Binary Distinctions and Kenosis
Today's Savage Mind

Bioethicists and Death Control
France's New Bioethics Law
Not Everyone is Optimistic About BAM
The State and Bioethics
Is Bioethics a Dirty Word?
Colorado: The question of personhood
Politics of Biotechnology
George Annas on Obama's Bioethics Commission
Obama appoints 10 More to Bioethics Commission
Obama's Bioethics Commission
Obama's Bioethics: Where's the discourse?
Are All Bioethicists Crazy?

More Bloggers Arrested
Blogging Lawyers and Trial Publicity
Blogging the DOD Way


Positive Images of Christianity in Egypt

Female Genital Mutilation Not as Bad as It Seems
Female Circumcision in Cultural Context
Two Perspectives on Female Circumcision
Circumcision and Binary Distinctions
Female Circumcision or Female Genital Mutilation?
Circumcision Debated
The Origins of Circumcision
Circumcision Among Abraham's Habiru/Hebrew Caste

Two Environmentalists Knock Heads
Climate Cycles Indicate a Dynamic Earth
Complex Climate Changes
Lower Solar Irradiance, Higher Atmospheric Temps?
Climate and Wealth Redistribution
Climate Change and Human Innovation
When the Sahara Was Wet
Antarctic Ozone Hole Smaller
Climate Data Fudge Factor
South American Glaciers Growing
Reality Climate Ideologues Won't Face
Kansas Bill Calling for Objectivity in Climate Science Fails
America's Wake Up Call on Climate

Raising Lab Neanderthals
Israel Extends Moratorium on Human Cloning
Reproductive Cloning Ban Means Death to Some Embryos
Animals Cloning Trials a Failure
Disgraced Libyan Cloner to Discuss Collaboration

Ethics and Christmas

Criminal World's Bank of Choice
Paintings Stolen in Rotterdam
Robbery of Ancient Graves
Nazi Criminal Experiments
50,000+ Dead in Mexico
Another American Hate Crime
Crime Leads Using Familial DNA
Hebron Farm Robbed by Arab Gang
Four Arrested for Smuggling Egyptian Antiquities
Rape Among Qaddafi's War Crimes
Fulani Murder Women and Children in Jos
Camera Caught Nurse Turning Off Ventilator
Smuggling African Bush Meat
Albinos Killed for Body Parts
Nationwide Child Prostitution Exposed
What Motivates Grave Desecration?
Episcopal Priest Charged with Molesting Adopted Son

Cyber Ethics
Information Ethics
Know the Rules of Cyber Ethics
Attack on US Cyber Security
Cyber Crime and Terrorism
Cyber Security Act 2009
An Ethicist Looks at Wikileaks
Julian Assange a Megalomaniac?

Liberty and Justice Cancelled?

Growing Tensions in the South China Sea
US Talks with Taliban Compromised
Holbrook's Last Words: Stop Afghanistan war
State Department Brokers Empty Concession
The Obama Doctrine
A Diplomatic Mis-step: Promoting gay rights abroad
Africans Not Buying What Obama is Peddling
US Diplomats Told to Collect DNA of Foreigners
White House Glitch Sends Diplomats Home
US Policy on Israel: "A one man show"
How Congress Does Diplomacy
Hillary Clinton: Cultural imperialist?
Benghazi Debacle

Dollar's Decline Since 1913
Review of Niall Ferguson's The Great Degeneration
Reality Check on the American Economy
USA Economy: Warning!
Microcredit Goes Mainstream
Blaming the Free Market for Bad Loans
Keynes' Work in Light of Sexual Preference
China's Economic Growth Slowing?
Rice: Africa's New Commodity
Nigeria Emerging Economic Power

Jordan Peterson's Resignation
Calling Out Jonathan Rauch
Yale Education a "cheap hodgepodge"
Kansas Bill Calling for Objectivity in Climate Education Fails
Underdog Cults and Identity Studies
Einstein Was Right About Education
American Universities Under Ethical Microscope
Teacher Unions a Disaster for American Education
Call to Remove Gay Activist Head of Education
Lefties Rule and Ruin UK State Schools
Darwen Vale Teachers Go on Strike
UK Religious Groups Offer School Options
Straight Talk on Public Education
Pakistan's Ghost Schools
Swedish Home School Leader Exiled
German Home Schooling Family Granted Asylum
Seceding from the Public Schools
American Colleges and Universities Mimic China
Breaking the Darwinian Monopoly in Science Education
German Mother in Prison for Resisting Sex Education
The Teachers' Union and Moral Regression
Billionaire Supports Catholic Schools
Notorious Fraternities

Amazon Has Two Distinct Forests
Sahara Greening
New Study on Peatlands and Drought
Locust Plague in Madagascar
Madagascar's Unique Rosewood Illegally Logged
Africa's Underground Water
Vatican Reforestation Project
Lake Baikal is One of the World's Wonders
Carbon Capture and Storage
Veteran Sherpa Says Everest Not Safe
Shrinking Lake Chad
Australia's Amazing Biodiversity
Acid Waters Destroying Coral Reefs
Deng Deng National Park
Global Ice Levels Rebound

What Makes a Good Society?
Deontological Approach to Ethics
Ethics in Animal Experimentation
Virtue Ethics
Ethical language
Ethical Standards and Critical Thinking

Eugenics Wearing a New Face
British Stamp to Commemorate Marie Stopes
Eugenic Catechism
Big Money in Eugenics
Eugenics Doctor Receives Award
Methodists Repent of Support of Eugenics
Wanting a Deaf Child
Killing Babies

Canada Grants Right to Active Euthanasia
First Child Euthanized in Belgium  (CNN report is here.)
Killing of Disabled Girl: Hitler would be proud
Europe's Sinister Expansion of Euthanasia
Bioethicists and Death Control
Belgium Approves Euthanasia for Terminal Children
Identical Twins Killed by Belgium Doctors
Euthanasia Safeguards for Doctors, not Patients
Bulgaria Rejects Euthanasia Bill
Pro-Life Californians Oppose Patty Berg's Bill
Say Goodbye to Grandma
Dutch Crazy About Euthanasia
Luxembourg Considers Euthanasia
Italians Debate End of Life Options
Slippery Slope to Euthanasia? (Obama insurance reform)
Letting Terminal Patients Die
Odious Notion of Wrongful Life
Brain Dead Woman Wakes Up!

Vulnerability and Human Dependency
The Case for Traditional Marriage
Marriage Attacked in Australia
Children and the Value of Family
Hungary's Constitution Defends Marriage and Life
Same Sex Marriages Deprive Children
Marriage is More Than a Lifestyle
Intact Biological Families Nurture Better
France: Homosexuals Protest Against Gay Marriage


Finland: Asylum Seekers to Work for Free
Pagan Finland

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech: When professors get involved
The Threat to Free Speech At Missouri
University of Chicago Pushes Back of Trigger Warnings
Safe Spaces

Gay activism, homosex
Calling Out Jonathan Rauch
Brit Urges Homosex at Age 14
Black Clergy Oppose Gay Marriage
Ugandan Gay Activists Win Court Victory
Utah Mormons Support LGBT Pride
Same Sex Marriages in Mexico City
Portugal Approves Gay Marriage, Bishops Reject It
Bashing Ex-Gays
GLBT Teens Need Help
Homosex Rarely Monogamous
Homosex Not Universally Accepted
Eastern Orthodox Statement on Homosexuality
White House Petitioned to Label Catholic Church a Hate Group
California's Ban on "Conversion Therapies"
Peter Saunders is a Homosceptic
Gay Activists Muzzle Liberty, Conscience

Bosnian Serbs Jailed for Genocide
Genocide in Srebrenica
Will Obama Keep His Promise? (Turkish massacre of Armenians)
Rwandan Genocide Officer Sentenced
Makeli Found Guilt of Genocide
Rwanda Report Implicates France in Genocide
Rwandan First Lady Arrested in France
Feminists Promote Genocide of Females
Christians Slaughtered and Media Looks Away

Genome Editing
Moratorium of Genome Editing?

So Much For Self-Determination
Trusting the Elites

Gun Control
Where is Our National Spine?
The Abomination of Gun Violence
The Problem of Guns
7th Circuit Agrees with Sotomayer
On Guns and Climate the Elites are Out of Touch
Guns, Pornography, and Jihad
Common Sense About Guns

Health Care
Obamacare bait swallowed by uninsured
Obama: Speculation on Health Care Before the Election
Poor Care of Elderly in UK Government Hospitals
An African American Friend on Obamacare
Obama Counting on Citizens Obeying the Law
What Obamacare Promises
Key Health (Insurance) Reform Ruled Unconstitutional
What Should Americans Do After the Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare?
Medical Insurance for Christians
Orwellian Twist to Obamacare

GMOs: The Failed Promise to Reduce Hunger in America
Hunger in America 2010
Hunger in America 2014
Population Increases and Hunger Decreases
U.N., Clinton Want Global Hunger Management
Italian Court Rules Food Theft Not a Crime

Human Reproduction
Availability of Voluntary Sterilization
American Evangelicals Fail to Support Palestinian Christians
Secular Squatters on Biblical Land
Pope Benedict: First Human Right is to Life
United Nations: Abortion a Human Right
Plight of Christian Sisters in Pakistan
Australia's Child Abuse Commission and the Stench of Hypocrisy

Human Trafficking
The Scourge of Human Trafficking
Thailand Holds 100 For Human Trafficking
American Bar Association Task Force of Human Trafficking
Child Trafficking Verdict in Sarasota, Florida
Portland's Dark Side of Porn and Child Sex Trafficking
Child Trafficking in Haiti
Obama's Administration and Human Trafficking
US Busts Thai Sex Trafficking Operation

Is Islam Ethical?
Who Was Mohammad?
Features of Islamic Extremism
Muslim Flight Attendant Suspended
Facing the Facts About Islamic Extremism
Islamic Violence Against Women
A Muslim Kid with a Clock

Al Jazeera Reporter Killed by Sniper in Syria
US Journalists Lack Spine
Attacks on Mexican Journalists Escalate
More Journalists' Homes Destroyed in Pakistan
Journalists Face Global Challenges
More than Seven Journalists Missing in Libya
Western Media Ignores Plight of Eastern Christians
Press Freedom to Report on Palestinian Statehood
Rick Sanchez Speaks About CNN
Anglican Clerics Tackle BBC Bias
Does NBC Hate Religious Conservatives?
Widespread Anti-Christian Bias in Media

Breivik Unchanged, Seeks Parole
MKL Murder Conspiracy Trial
No Justice for Murdered Border Patrolman
Homosexual Judge's Competence Questioned
Moldova: Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders
Justice Department Launches GLBT Emphasis
Did Hobbes Change the Meaning of Justice?
Elizabeth Anscombe on Justice

Legal Ethics
Any Legal Talent Outside Harvard?
Pennsylvania: Lawlessness in High Places
Justice Breyer's Fordham Award Stirs Controversy
Luban on Legal Ethics and Human Dignity
Jewish Ethics and Secular Law
Andrew Perlman: Batman and Legal Ethics
Lawyer-Client Communication

Media Stokes Anger and Radicalization
Media Bias and Adam Smith
Western Media Ignores Plight of Eastern Christians

Medical Ethics
Poor Care of Elderly in UK Government Hospitals
Some Israeli Doctors Complicit in Torture
India, Iran and Medical Ethics
Patient Dumping

Moral Codes
The Moral Code of Ani
Ancient Moral Codes

Moral Obligation
Revising Good and Evil
Russia Rejects UN's "Evolving Morals"
Scott B. Rae's Moral Choices
A Road Map for Moral Renewal in Europe
Buttiglione: Intolerance is Moral Amputation
Joel Marks: Ammoralism Minus the Fiery Prose
UK Riots Reveal Loss of Moral Compass

Natural Resources, Energy
Israel Finds Oil and Gas at Rosh Ha'ayin
"Fueling Poverty" Banned in Nigeria
Germans Exit Nuclear Energy
US Opposes Iran-Paki Energy Cooperation
BP's Obstruction of Independent Journalists

North Korea
What Students Should KNow About Totalitarianism
Why North Koreans Can't Write Research Papers

Organ Harvesting and Traffic
Belgium's Big Business
Peter Singer on Harvesting Organs from the Living Dead
Organ Harvesting and Trafficking 
Boycotting Organs from Chinese Prisoners
Organs Taken From Living Refugees
Bangladesh: Poor Victims of Organ Harvesting

Science and Religion in a Time of Plague
Covid-19 and Social Status
Lost Lives and Lost Livelihoods
Salvation in a Time of Plague

Why Many Are Resorting to Anger in Debates
Big Mouth Candidates and Free Speech
Obama's Messy Second Term
John Boehner and Divine Guidance
Obama Care Counts on Citizens to Obey the Law
Congressmen Steer Millions to Pet Projects
Many Experience IRS Harassment
What Americans Can't Talk About These Days
Living Word Church Accused of Electioneering

"Christian" Polygamy: Say what?
Cases of Polygyny Growing
Most Pakistani Leaders are Polygamists
Belgium: Sharia everyone?

Portland's Dark Side of Porn and Child Sex Trafficking
Denmark's Child Porn Policy
John Stuart Mill and the Harm of Pornography

Poverty Spurs Surrogacy in India
More Americans Poor But Still Honest
Poverty Worse in India Than in Africa
Poverty and Patients' Rights
What Makes a Good Society?
Addressing Chronic Poverty
Aristotle and Poverty
The High Cost of Being Poor
One Billion Going Hungry

Is Islam Ethical?
Karl Barth's Critique of the Religion of "Good People"
The Sun and the Sacred

Religious Conscientious Objection
Good Friday Denied to Cranston Teachers
Progressives Enjoy Attacking Kim Davis
Muslim Flight Attendant Suspended for Not Serving Alcohol

Religious Intolerance, Persecution
Muslim Brotherhood Terrorism
The Pakistan Most Americans Don't Know
Coptic Christians Fear Future in Egypt
Putin Urges World Leaders to Unite Against Persecution of Christians
Boko Haram to Christians: Convert or Die
Tony Blair on the Problem Inside Islam
Coptic Child Murdered; Dumped in Sewer
Orthodox Priest Murdered in Moscow
Scientism's Irrational Attack on Religion
Christians Attacked in Punjab by Muslim Mob
Britain: Battle Over Religious Conscience

The Increasing Threat of Weaponized Drones
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence by Nick Bostrom Eliezer Yudkowsky

On Trusting the Elites
Russian Internet Blacklist Law
Russia Rejects UN's Evolving Morals
Putin and Poroshenko Meet in Normandy
Russia Warns Against Tourism in Egypt
Russia says Egypt plane was bombed in terror attack (2015)
Russian's Nuclear Power Contract with Iran (2013)
Kerry on US-Russian Relations (2013)

Sexual Abuse
Amsterdam Discovered that Prostitution is Rape
Portland Top Porn City
Sexual Abuse of Adolescent Boys
Libyan Women Reticent to Speak of Sexual Harassment

Double Check Science Reports
The Scientist Who Opposed Scientism
Piers Corbyn of Fake Climate News
American Sick of Partisan Science
Kansas Bill Calling for Objectivity in Science Fails
Humans Have Created 208 Species of Materials

V. Lenin on "Socialism and Religion"

Social Media
Social Media Bots and Poliical Propaganda

Stem Cell Science
Another Stem Cell Debacle
USA: Absence of Stem Cell Donor Consent
Some Stem Cell Lines Off Limits
Whistleblower Exposes Soo Kyung's Stem cell Research
Mouse Stem Cells for Retina Repair

Helping the Suicidal
Maine Rejects Physician Assisted Suicide
Trauma of Assisted Suicide Witnesses
Massachusetts Doctors Debate Assisted Suicide
Oregon Says No to Suicide Kits
Oregon PAS Stats Released
Guidelines for British Doctors Asked to Assist Suicides
Suicide Not a "Right" Even in Switzerland
Connecticut Ban on Assisted Suicide
Montana Allows Assisted Suicide

Surrogacy Option
Baby Market in Belgium
Canada Moves Toward  Legal Surrogacy
Australia Seeks Legislation on Surrogacy
Surrogate Twins Denied French Citizenship
India to Legalize Surrogacy
Poverty Spurs Surrogacy in India

Preparing for Taxageddon
Ron Radosh on IRS Scandal
You Too May Experience IRS Harassment
IRS Knew of Conservative Harassment in 2011
IRS Apologizes for Targeting Conservative Groups

Notre Dame-IBM Launch Tech Ethics Lab

Ethics in the War of Terrorism
Dissent Terrorism
Aramco Attack Likely State-Sponsored Terrorism
Terrorists Target African Christians
Boko Haram Terrorism Spreads
Boko Haram Targets Christians, Police, and Aid Workers
Hezbollah Global Network Weakens
Jacques Derrida on Terrorism
Chechyan Terrorism and the Obama Administration
Iran, Boko Haram Stir Trouble in Nigeria
Nine Year Old Girl Forced to Wear Suicide Jacket
Boko Haram Murders Nine Polio Workers
Suicide Bomb Kills Lawyers and Journalist in Somalia

Theories of Time
Better a Philosopher Than an Orator
Gain a Heart of Wisdom
The Sun and the Sacred

What Students Should Know About Totalitarianism
Vietnam Jails 13 Pro-Democracy Activists
Myanmar Prohibits Worship and Prayer

Transhumanism and the Christian Hope
Max Moore's Transhumanism

Truth Defends Itself
Kierkegaard: Witness to Truth

Utilitarian Ethics

Virtual Reality
Immoral Virtual Fantasy: Should We Call the Cops?
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Virtual Reality

Voices of Reason and Integrity
Abdul Sattar Edhi
Malala Yousufzai
Chen Guangcheng
Rocco Buttiglione
Raafat Al Ghanem
George W. Bush
Aung San Suu Kyi
Yukiko Sugihara

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