Monday, November 8, 2010

Fulani Murder Women and Children in Jos Village

Mass burial of victims of Fulani attack
About seven kilometres west of Jos town, a village called Rewenku was attacked in the early hours on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 by a band of Fulanis. In the attack, six people were murdered, two women and four children. Four of the victims were the wife, her mother and two children of one man.
Although, it was difficult to apprehend the culprits, yesterday, there were seven arrests made, which is an enormous commendation for local law enforcement agents considering the number and frequency of attacks since January with no arrests of any real consequence.

The Anglican Diocese of Jos was among the very first of few organisations to assist victims with aid relief.

There is still a great need for prayer, because within the same week, there were ammunitions confiscating at the port in Lagos from Iran, disguised as building materials; it is our suspicion that these weapons were intended for Jos.

Therefore, we continue to ask for prayers, because we know it is the clasped hands of those praying that we are walking on daily.

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Editor's Note: It is a sign of pure cowardess to attack and kill women and children.

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