Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brain Dead Australian Woman Wakes up!

"Hopeless" and "brain dead" are expressions which have to be used with great caution, it seems, judging from the experience of an Australian woman.

Gloria Cruz, 56, had a stroke in her sleep and was operated on at a Darwin hospital. Doctors told her husband, Tani, that her case was "hopeless" and that she would probably die in 48 hours. They wanted to turn the ventilator off, but Mr Cruz asked for a 48-hour reprieve. "I'm a Catholic - I believe in miracles," he pleaded.

Later a doctor, social worker and patient advocate all rang him and once again insisted that the ventilator should be turned off.

After two weeks it was turned off. And three days later Mrs Cruz awoke, to the astonishment of the hospital staff. Now she is alert and in a wheelchair at the hospital. Her husband told the Northern Territory News: "She's well on the way to recovery." ~ Northern Territory News, May 11

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