Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feminists Promote Genocide of Females

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow

Sex-selective abortion is rampant in many countries and continues to grow.

According to a publication in Orissa, the female sex ratio in India alone is at an all-time low. Steven Mosher heads the Population Research Institute, which monitors abortion internationally.

"This is done in India in epidemic proportions. It’s done in China," he notes. "It’s done in many, many of the civilizations of East Asia and Southeast Asia."

Mosher contends it has been a losing situation for female children for centuries.

However, he says the rise of Christianity has actually helped females, not hurt them, because the Bible recognizes them as having souls and also as the pinnacle of God’s creation in Genesis 2.

"Let’s look back in history before the coming of Christianity. Virtually all societies treated women as not just the weaker sex, but the disposable sex," he points out. "Female infanticide was practiced by the Greeks, by the Romans, by most of the pagan societies – and it was only with the coming of Christianity that the status of women was raised." But Mosher adds that radical feminists continue to promote abortion internationally at the expense of their own gender.

"The feminists, who want to eliminate all distinctions between men and women, are only exposing their unborn sisters to a horrible form of sexual genocide," he concludes.

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