Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nigeria Impotent to Serve Justice?

The Primate of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Archbishop Peter Akinola, has urged government to fish out the perpetrators of the crisis that trailed Thursday’s local government election in Plateau State. Scores of people had been killed since violence erupted in Jos in November even before the election results were announced.

Speaking at the Diocese of Abuja Carnival for Christ celebration, he accused government of "playing the ostrich", on the recurring sectarian crisis in the country.

"We know these people who are bent on destroying the nation and for goodness sake they should be brought to justice," Akinola told journalists in Abuja.

"The problem in my opinion is that our government has never been able to bring to book the perpetrators of this evil. When it happened in Bauchi, we cried aloud, they said they would make arrests, they never did. When it happened in Kano, they never arrested anyone and when it happened in Zaria too, no-one was arrested. Even where they were arrests they were later released.

"So if government has had the courage to bring justice to those who engage in the evil, it would have served as a deterrent to others. I call on this government to stop playing the ostrich and stop being hypocritical," he asserted.

Archbishop Akinola said that it was unfortunate that some people were still engaged in killing and aiming at a time when the nation should be counting the gains of democracy.

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