Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Colorado Bishop Ordains Lesbian "priest"

The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado has ended its "period of restraint" on ordaining homosexual priests now that gay and lesbian clergy have public acceptance at the highest level of US government. That acceptance was signaled by Obama's invitation to gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson to speak at his Inaguration.

On Saturday, January 10, Episcopal Bishop Robert O'Neill ordained Mary Catherine Volland to the priesthood at St. John's Cathedral. Volland is a partnered lesbian who will serve at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Denver.

Gay priests serve several Episcopal congregations in Colorado.

The Episcopal Church in the USA is the only church to have women priests and the first church to ordain gay clergy. Once a vital Christian denomination, TEC has declined in numbers as it has become increasingly radical on social issues. The leader of the 2.2 million member church, Katherine Jeffert Schori, is a former marine biologist who has stated that Jesus is not the only way to God.

You can read more about Volland here.

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