Monday, January 19, 2009

Integrity Involves Honor

Alice C. Linsley

The word "honor" is rarely heard these days outside of the military. A preacher might be heard to speak on the commandment to "Honor your father and your mother", but even that has gone out of style.

Honor is a critical element of personal integrity, but since many haven't a clue what it entails, is it really a wonder that there is so little integrity?

Honor is something we owe to those in authority and to those who deserve our respect. I have a duty not to dishonor someone, even the individual who dishonors himself.

I have a duty to respect the dignity of every person, even the person who has tossed away his dignity.

I have a duty not to act dishonorably toward those who need assistance, especially the weak and the vulnerable. Honor is something I owe to others. Honor is my duty to others.

Honor is also something I owe myself. I am responsible for my actions, my attitudes and my feelings. An honorable person takes responsibility for himself.

Honorable living leads to greater self-esteem. Honor is something I owe to myself. Honor is my duty to myself.

Acting Honorably

  • puts you in charge of your life
  • helps you develop stronger relationships with people
  • prevents you from causing injury or hurt to others
  • helps to prevent situations of injustice
  • earns other people’s trust
  • enables you to respect yourself

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