Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More on the Slaughter of Jos Christians

Deaconess Susan Essam, Principal of Christian Institute, Anglican Diocese of Jos writes: From where I live at the Diocesan office (on the edge of Jos) the sky over the city that day (November 28) was brown with rising clouds of thick smoke. Houses, shops, businesses, vicarages, churches were being destroyed and hundreds of innocent people brutally slaughtered.

The previous day had seen the Local Government Elections pass off peacefully despite much apprehension about the Jos North area. Then in the early hours, before the results were even released, evil struck. Cries of Jihad were heard. Buildings were set alight and citizens who could not escape were either burnt alive, shot or hacked to pieces.

Plans had obviously been laid well in advance and Muslim mercenaries brought in from outside Nigeria, together with guns and other weapons. The non-Muslims were caught unprepared and had to defend themselves with whatever they could lay their hands on. This they did with remarkable effect. Anger brought retaliation, however, and Muslim property, businesses and mosques were also destroyed, but please note that contrary to some reports in the foreign media NO Muslim was killed in a mosque.

Read it all here.

Even were it true that a Moslem had been killed in Jos, that would hardly justify the slaughter of 360 innocent Christian men, women and children.

And the American media? You could safely bet that this story would have made the front page were Christians slaughtering Muslims.

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