Friday, August 20, 2010

First American IVF Baby Gives Birth to Son

Elizabeth Comeau, 29, the first American IVF baby, gave birth to her first son last Friday. He was born at 2:05 am, weighing 7 pounds, 12 ounces. In an article she wrote last week for the Boston Globe, she said that she doesn’t want her son to have the same worldwide publicity that she had as a child. She even changed her surname from Carr to Comeau to have “a couple of years under the radar.”

She said that while her childhood was not normal, her life now is. “I had a normal conception and pregnancy despite my abnormal childhood. And early yesterday, my husband and I had a baby boy ‘the normal way,’ proving (I hope) that I’m just like everyone else,” she said.

Comeau, a journalist for the Boston Globe, said she wrote about her story to help others learn about IVF - at the risk of her own privacy. “I follow the same principle my parents did: If my story helps couples or families learn about in-vitro fertilization, then the loss of privacy is worthwhile. People who have fertility issues deserve to know they can have healthy, normal babies,” she wrote. ~ Boston Globe, Aug 6

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