Friday, August 20, 2010

Indus Delta Faces Major Inudation

KARACHI: The next seven days are critical for southern Sindh, particularly the Indus delta, when the second wave of peak flood that is currently passing through Guddu and Sukkur will reach the delta, according to Pakistan Meteorological Department Director General Dr Qamaruz Zaman Chaudhry. He told this correspondent on Thursday that the flood was feared to cause widespread inundation in the southern region of the province.

Dr Zaman said that there would be full moon in a few days and the sea level would remain high. The monsoon is also supplementing the sea level. When the peak flood would reach the sea during that time the river would face a great resistance from the sea which would be pushing the water backwards, upstream in the river. With the floodwater pushing to enter the sea, a clash would overflow the river banks, inundating the nearby low-lying areas, he added.

He said the flow of water at Guddu was 974,069 cusecs with a decreasing trend but it was likely to remain above 900,000 cusecs in 36 hours while it would remain around 1.011 million cusecs at Sukkur. At the Kotri Barrage, he said, the flow of the first wave of flood was 487, 818 cusecs with a rising trend and it was expected to rise to the high flood level of 600,000 cusecs in 24 to 48 hours.

Dr Zaman said that under the influence of the second wave of flood the Indus at Kotri would rise further and might attain the exceptionally high flood level ranging between 750,000 to 900,000 cusecs in the next five days, around Aug 25.

He said the river at Kotri would remain in high floods till end of the month.—Bhagwandas

Editor's Note:  I have friends in Karachi. Please pray for this region which will see major flooding in the week ahead.

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