Saturday, August 7, 2010

London Protester Throws Shoe at Zardari

A heckler threw a shoe at President Zardari during a speech at Birmingham, missing the president, while outside the convention centre police cordoned off more than 100 protesters.

Hundreds of protesters gathered to criticise President Asif Ali Zardari at a rally for British Pakistanis while millions struggled in the aftermath of floods back home.

Zardari defended his trip to Britain despite Pakistan's worst-ever floods at an event for some 3,000 people in Birmingham, central England, including Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) members and leading figures in the British Pakistani community.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the venue, some holding placards reading "1000s dying, president is holidaying" and "Are the Zardaris enjoying England while Pakistan drowns?"

And police said one man was escorted from the hall after a shoe was thrown at Zardari, while adding it did not land close to him. It has not yet been decided whether to press charges, a spokeswoman for the local force said.

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