Saturday, July 18, 2015

Quote of the Week- Statement of the ICCA

This International Congress invites all Anglicans throughout the world (a) to a reexamination of the doctrine of the Church and (b) to a further consideration of areas of continuing ecclesial contention, for instance, the ordination of women, deemed by some to be a first order issue. This is necessary so that there may be a revival of Catholic Faith and Order, and a return to a biblical, credal, and conciliar fidelity. Only through honest discussion, ongoing prayer, and ultimate agreement will faithful Anglicans discern fully what God is doing in the great realignment taking place globally. This International Congress prays also that in God’s good providence there will be a truly Ecumenical Council of the whole Church to address contentious issues facing Christians and churches and to strengthen the faith of the Church.

Statement of the International Catholic Congress of Anglicans. Read the full statement here.

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George Patsourakos said...

The International Catholic Congress of Anglicans (ICCA) must be commended for its effort to promote a harmonious agreement between Catholics and Protestants with respect to Christian doctrine.

Moreover, ICCA's call for an ecumenical meeting of all the major divisions of Christianity -- including Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Protestant -- is an idea whose time has come, as it would be a critical godsend for enhancing the Christian faith.