Monday, November 16, 2015

Socialists and ISIS Stop Islamization of the world
France is heading for full blown civil war.

In world news, Putin tells Erdoğan to go to hell along with his ISIS buddies.

The Socialists in Spain, France and Turkey accuse Israel of war crimes and overlook the crimes of Islamic Socialists. A Spanish judge recently issued a warrant for the arrest of Netanyahu.

In June 2005 the Socialist Prime Minister of Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan, joined Socialist President of Spain José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero as the co-sponsor of the Alliance of Civilizations initiative. Guess what this group does?

Muslims in France vote for Socialists who then tolerant their radicalism to keep their votes. Putin sees through it all. Who could be better at understanding Socialist tactics?

WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a an ATM for terrorists. No surprise. Typically, angry male refugees from failed Islamic states get naturalized, become community organizers, and receive funds from Saudi Arabia to build mosques headed by radical imams who teach hatred against the citizens of their adoptive country. How many of today’s refugees are tomorrow’s terrorists?

The Saudis control terrorism in their country by not allowing entry to Syrians, by monitoring activities in all the mosques, cameras in all the mosques, and through appointment of the imams. Saudi Arabia also pays the imams' salaries so they would be foolish to disturb the status quo.

Following reports that a Syrian refugee was among the perpetrators of the terrorists attacks that took place in Paris on Friday, Governor Mike Pence issued the following statement:
“In the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris, effective immediately, I am directing all state agencies to suspend the resettlement of additional Syrian refugees in the state of Indiana pending assurances from the federal government that proper security measures have been achieved. Indiana has a long tradition of opening our arms and homes to refugees from around the world but, as governor, my first responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of all Hoosiers. Unless and until the state of Indiana receives assurances that proper security measures are in place, this policy will remain in full force and effect.”

We live in interesting times!

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