Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Consultation on PSED Ends Tomorrow

Christians in the UK are being urged to complain about a new public service requirement which they say will effectively silence traditional Christian views on homosexuality.

The campaigning group Christian Concern for Our Nation is now calling on Christians before the consultation period ends next Wednesday (Sept 30).

At the centre of their concerns is the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) in the Equality Bill, which is to be extended to cover age, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, religion or belief, and gender reassignment.

A spokesman for the CCFON said they objected in principle to this extension because it would compromise Christian groups who took a conservative view on sexuality and would effectively bar them from receiving public funding for their work.

The spokesman said: “Under the proposed provisions public bodies such as local authorities, schools and health bodies will be able as part of their core business, to promote equality. As is so often the case, what is presented as tolerance and inclusiveness will in reality have the effect of shutting Christian groups out of publicly funded services.”

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