Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Friend Reflects on Abortion

Abortion: Some Thoughts
Rev. Paul Taylor, LL.M.

I was raised in an unchurched setting and in New York City. The issue of abortion was discussed openly and none of the comments were critical of abortions. Pregnancy was a great evil and abortions was a “salvation”.

The days of knitting needles and coat hanger were a thing of the past in the fifties in New York City. An abortion was thought by many to be a nicer choice than giving the baby up at birth. Adoption was considered gut wrenching. Orphanages at their best were warehouses for unwanted children. The abuse problems that we know about today were very well hidden back then.

The Catholic Church had a great deal of power in New York City and they were viewed as the evil one that had the inhumane abortion laws on the books. What is more the laws were openly flouted.

Abortion was legally permitted to save the life of a mother. Three doctors had to agree which in close cases could be a problem.

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