Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Same-sex "marriage" and lawsuits

Boston College Law School professor Scott FitzGibbon is featured in the first two pro-marriage ads that have been produced in support of a ballot measure in Maine to veto a state law passed last spring legalizing same-sex “marriage.”

The ads, titled “Consequences,” cite a letter several legal scholars sent to Maine Gov. John Baldacci warning the same-sex “marriage” law will trigger a flood of lawsuits and other legal problems.

According to FitzGibbon, if the law is not struck down individuals, small businesses and religious organizations will face a wave of lawsuits; church organizations could have their tax-exempt status stripped because of conscientious objections to same-sex “marriage”; and homosexual “marriage” will be pushed in public schools regardless of parental objections.

The ads can be viewed at

According to the Cardinal Newman Society, FitzGibbon’s strong stand for marriage has not been well received by many other faculty members at the Boston College Law School.

Watch the pro-marriage video here.

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