Monday, September 28, 2009

Manila Flood Crisis Worsens

PHILIPPINES flood survivors have crowded into the presidential palace, gymnasiums and hundreds of other makeshift evacuation centres as the death toll from the disaster soared to 240.

The humanitarian crisis facing the government deepened significantly on Tuesday after it reported hundreds of thousands of people had poured into the centres, where food, medicine and other relief supplies were in dire shortage.

The government said 374,890 survivors of the devastating rains unleashed by tropical storm Ketsana on Saturday across the nation's capital Manila and surrounding regions were now sheltering in the centres.

The death toll had also jumped to 240, 100 more than Monday's assessment, after authorities finally started to record those killed in Manila.

The government said 101 people had been confirmed killed in the capital, up from seven on Monday but the death toll was expected to rise even further with some areas of the disaster zone still submerged.

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