Monday, September 14, 2009

Straight Talk from Putin

Speaking in Moscow, Mr Putin said strikes on Iran would lead to an increase in terrorism in the region.

"This would be very dangerous, unacceptable. This would lead to an explosion of terrorism, increase the influence of extremists," he said when asked about the possibility of an attack.
"I doubt very much that such strikes would achieve their stated goal."

He also called on Iran to take into account Israel's concerns and show restraint in its nuclear program.

"The Iranians should show restraint in their nuclear program. We have told Iran that it has the right to a civilian nuclear program but that it should understand what region of the world it is in," Mr Putin said.

"This is a dangerous region and Iran should show responsibility, especially by taking into account Israel's concerns, all the more so after the absolutely unacceptable statements about the destruction of the state of Israel."

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