Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nigeria and Cameroon Cooperate on Border Security

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Nigeria, Hon. Chief Ojo Madeukwe, has said that fortified joint border patrols between Nigeria and Cameron is the only remedy to strengthen bilateral relations between the two neighbours.

Chief Ojo made the statement in Yaounde during deliberations of the 4th session of the Cameroon-Nigeria Joint Commission meeting.The Minister called on Nigerians living in Cameroon to be law abiding, reiterating that the two countries are fighting a battle with an unknown enemy.

He made it clear that the rebels of the Niger Delta who are causing havoc both in Nigeria and the Bakassi region want to benefit from resources from both countries in a rather cruel manner.

He also said the enemies who are neither for the good of Cameroonians nor Nigerians can only be dismantled if the two countries tighten their security. He added that this goal can only be achieved if security forces are loyal and abide by the rules and regulations of the two countries.

He, however, affirmed that his country is ready to respect the roles of the Greentree Accord by working with Cameroon in synergy so as to track down the rebels. Hon. Chief OJO also said that his country is ready to continue strengthening bilateral cooperation between the two countries. He noted that Cameroon has a good atmosphere for investment prove of Nigerians stationed here for business purposes.

He however said that trans-border trade between the two countries can be bettered if good roads are constructed to facilitate trade movements. In light with this, the two delegations underlined that the area of investment between the two countries have to be revisited. It was noted that their present commercial exchange level is low and needs to ameliorate the situation is necessary. According to the bilateral accord on trade between the two countries of 1963 that was revisited in 1982, frontier trade has to be facilitated between the brotherly countries.

On his part, the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relation In charge of the Commonwealth, Joseph Dion Ngute, affirmed that the commission was an occasion to celebrate solidarity between the two countries, adding that it opens a new page between the two countries.

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