Thursday, October 2, 2008

Episcopal Diocese of Quincy to Seek Alignment with Southern Cone

The standing committee of the Diocese of Quincy has recommended that the diocese seek realignment with the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone based in Argentina, while continuing as a member of the Common Cause Partnership, according to Fr. James Marshall, president of the standing committee.

Bishop Keith Ackerman of Quincy is on sabbatical through the end of October. In the absence of the bishop, the standing committee is in charge of non-sacramental ecclesiastical duties. Bishop Ackerman will be back in time to preside at convention, which is scheduled to meet Nov. 7-8 at St. John’s Church, Quincy.

The standing committee decision following a Sept. 25 meeting at Grace Church, Galesburg, is similar to recommendations made by the standing committees in Pittsburgh and Fort Worth. Both of those dioceses have also scheduled votes similar to the one in Quincy.

Last year delegates to the annual synod in Quincy approved a number of canonical changes in preparation for this year’s decisive vote on whether to remain in union with the General Convention of The Episcopal Church.

Source: The Living Church

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