Saturday, October 18, 2008

Travesty of PC Catholicism

Rick Lobbs (one of my favorite bloggers) has a story about the Youth Sunday planned for British youth in November.

Here is an excerpt from his report:

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales are planning a “Youth Sunday” next month which is so politically correct, patronising and biased to the Left that it is beyond satire. It is also beyond Catholicism, playing barbarous tricks with the liturgy that break the Church’s rules governing the celebration of Mass.

Among the highlights:

• A "litany of penance" that asks God's forgiveness "For over-filling our kettles" and "For wasting paper"

• A prayer "that the tyranny of profit be quelled"

• The distribution at Mass of Fairtrade chocolates wrapped in paper carrying an exhortation to switch to energy-saving lightbulbs

• Persuading the priest to wear a chasuble stitched together from recycled material

Read it all here.

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