Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Russia's Foreign Minister Urges Ethical Reform in Diplomacy

Moscow, October 23, Interfax - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called for improving the moral foundations of international politics.

"It is safe to say that such negative trends in international life as neglecting the norms and principles of international law, counting on military force to settle disputes, attempts by individual countries to export their own development models to other nations call for better moral foundations of world politics," he said in an interview published in the September issue of the Diplomat magazine.

To facilitate this task, "we should turn to basic religious values that form the spiritual groundwork of universal solidarity," the minister said. "These [values] are about respecting all nations without dividing them into categories depending on the extent of their development or democracy and the observance of moral norms on which the existing international law is founded. Finally, there is some sort of resilience in international affairs, which is necessary for the timely renunciation of unrealistic foreign policy projects," Lavrov said.

These principles are crucial to "achieving just solutions to the pressing problems of international development on a truly collective and legal basis and building an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding between states in conditions of emerging multi-polarity when competition acquires an inter-civilizational dimension," Lavrov said.

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