Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Newspaper Does its Part to Stop Sex Trafficing

A local newspaper company in England has been praised by the Bishop of St Albans, the Rt Rev Christopher Herbert, for its decision to ban adverts which could support sex-trafficking.

The bishop said Newsquest had made "a bold and courageous stand" which "puts ethics ahead of purely commercial motives."The Bishop commented that Newsquest were "spot-on" in recognising that certain advertisements for personal and sexual services supported sex-trafficking.

He added: "Taking a stand among your peer-group is never easy. That is one of the reasons I am giving Newsquest my public support and asking people support their local papers in these tough economic times. "Local papers have a valuable role to play bringing their local communities closer together, and I applaud that.”

A new crackdown on sex trafficking, Codenamed Pentameter 2, began this month involving the UK and the Republic of Ireland's 55 police forces.

So far three people have been rescued from the industry as a result.

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