Friday, October 10, 2008

Catholic Girls School Blown Up

Catholic Girls School Blown Up in Swat on October 9.

The local Taliban blew up the Convent Girl's School Sangota run by (Sri Lankan) Apostolic Carmelite Sisters at Swat on Thursday. According to media, the school building was damaged completely. A loss of life was saved because the Sisters had closed the school and vacated the convent a few days ago due to threats.

In the late evening, some local militants entered the school and asked the workers at duty to leave the building as they were about to destroy the school. It was bombed later. Last year also, the Convent administration was threatened by the local Taliban to shut-down the school.

The Pakistani Taliban have so far attacked more than 150 girls schools using explosives in the North West Frontier Province in the past two years.

Please pray for Pakistani Christian.

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