Saturday, October 4, 2008

As President Obama Seeks Overthrow of Right to Life

Charlie Butts reports that "Pro-life supporters face an enormous challenge — or opportunity — as they cast their votes in November.

The National Right to Life Committee is concerned because one of the presidential candidates supports repeal of the Hyde Amendment. NRLC spokesman Douglas Johnson explains why he feels that would be bad news for pro-lifers and unborn children.

"The Hyde Amendment is a proven abortion reduction policy that cut off federal funding for abortion and has saved, at a minimum, more than a million lives," he attests. "So that would have a drastic impact, obviously, if it were to be repealed — far greater than any positive impact that could be had by adoption reform."

Johnson says repeal is only the first phase of the agenda. He shares that his group is "very concerned" that one of the major presidential candidates is committed to a measure known as the Freedom of Choice Act — "which would not only require federal funding of abortion, but would knock flat virtually every state and federal limitation on abortion," notes the pro-life activist.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has indicated one of his first acts as president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

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Attempts to paint a different picture of Obama are found at Pro-Life Obama, "a new website designed by the Matthew 25 Network. The liberal political action committee, which has been running pro-Obama ads on Christian radio stations, argues that Senator Obama (D-Illinois) would reduce abortions by providing women paid maternity leave and a 50-percent tax credit on up to $3,000 in daycare expenses, as well as expanding a program that provides home visits by registered nurses to low-income expectant mothers.

Brian Burch, president of the Catholic pro-life group Fidelis, says Matthew 25 is trying to whitewash the senator's radical support for abortion. "And frankly, [it] is shameless in its attempt to confuse voters about the real agenda of Barack Obama, should he become president, when it comes to abortion," he contends.

"Barack Obama has publicly said that he will pass the Freedom of Choice Act. In fact, he has said that he will do that as his first act as president, and that act alone has been estimated to increase abortions by 125,000 a year."

The Pro-Life Obama site also features a welcome address from Obama-supporter Doug Kmiec, a constitutional attorney and practicing Catholic who is currently a law professor at Pepperdine University. Burch notes that Professor Kmiec has nothing more than "mere rhetoric" to justify his support for Obama.

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