Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guantanamo Detainee Returned to Yemen

SANA’A, June 27 — The Obama administration has decided to repatriate Guantanamo detainee Mohammed Al-Odaini to Yemen, despite its ongoing moratorium on any repatriation to the country, The Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Al-Odaini, now 26, was first captured in Pakistan when he was 18. He has been detained ever since, despite being recommended for release in 2005 and approved for transfer by the Guant?namo Review Task Force in 2009, according to researcher and author of a book on Guantanamo, Andy Worthington.

After Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. found in May that Al-Odaini’s detention was unlawful and ordered his release, the Obama administration has reportedly decided to send Al-Odaini home. The judge concluded that there was no evidence that he had any connection to Al-Qaeda.

Human rights defenders’ organization Amnesty International has welcomed the news of his repatriation after being held for more than 8 years in detention without charge.

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