Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Islamic Terrorism

The Qur’an and the Hadith basically state that the non-Mulsim is to be considered the enemy of God and of the Muslim people. If they are persistent in their non-belief and refuse to comply with the Qur’an, they can be put to death and it is the Muslim’s sacred duty and worship of Allah to see that they die. If the Muslim dies in this struggle, he or she is regarded as a martyr and is immediately taken to Heaven by Allah. This explains, in part, the violence committed against non-Muslims by Jihadists, but it doesn’t explain the violence against fellow Muslims which is also increasing.

Coupled with this view of non-Muslims as enemies is the yearning to restore the days of Islamic expansion as during the Ottoman Empire. It is the goal of radical Jihadists to establish Islam worldwide under the rule of Islamic rulers. For daily news on radical Islam, visit

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