Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Veteran Sherpa: Everest Not Safe

KATHMANDU, May 25: Climate change is making the Mount Everest more dangerous to climb, a Nepalese Sherpa said in Kathmandu on Tuesday after breaking his own record by making a 20th ascent of the world’s highest peak.

Apa Sherpa, who dedicated his latest climb to the impact of global warming on the Himalayas, said he was disturbed by the visible changes on the mountain caused by rising temperatures.

“The snow along the slopes had melted, exposing the bare rocks underneath, which made it very difficult for us to walk up the slope as there was no snow to dig our crampons into,” he told AFP on Tuesday.

“This has made the trail very dangerous for all climbers.” Apa, 50, has been nicknamed the “super Sherpa” for the apparent ease with which he climbs the Everest, but he was visibly exhausted as he spoke to journalists in the Nepalese capital three days after reaching the summit.—AFP

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