Saturday, May 15, 2010

Glasspool Consecrated ... Yawn

Mary Glasspool became the Anglican Communion’s first lesbian bishop today and the most telling thing about her consecration will be the reaction.

Or lack of it.

When Gene Robinson became the Church’s first openly gay bishop in 2003, it dominated the headlines around the world. African bishops condemned his consecration as “demonic” and evangelicals in the Church of England warned that it would cause an irreparable split.

Tomorrow, it will barely register on the news agendas of most countries, and most churchgoers won’t know or care about it. Nothing could demonstrate more clearly that the liberals have won the battle over the place of gay clergy in the Church.

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Here's what matters, Jonathan. Anglicans who oppose this innovation have moved on.  They have nothing more to do with the dying denomination known at the Episcopal Church.  If that means the liberals won, than so be it.  God will sort it out in the end, and considering that HE established Holy Tradition (which condemns homosex) and gave us Scripture to guide us away from corruption of the flesh, I'm sure Mary Glasspool won't be happy on that Great Day.

I knew her when we were coming up through the ordination process in the Diocese of Pennsylvania.  She dressed in men's clericals and wore her hair like a man.  She was perceived as a misfit and angry.  Today she is a bishop in a church of angry misfits.  Call it a "liberal' win, if you like.  I call it a tragic loss.  There is nothing attractive about the Episcopal Church anymore.  It is a degenerate organization, but you can call it a liberal win if you wish.

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Young fogey emeritus said...

Yawn indeed. As long as the mainline doesn't try to take away Catholics' religious liberty, we're good, but yes, they're killing themselves.

So I wasn't the only one to notice that Bishop Glasspool is mannish, or stereotypes are often just truths.

The only other thing I have to say to mainliners is quoting one of their founders: if you're going to sin, sin boldly! Their whole ecclesiology is about claiming a power the Pope doesn't dare (although an excuse for their founding is 'the Pope claims too much power') so rather than play games by promoting certain people while keeping the old teachings on the books (which understandably confuses and upsets the few conservatives they still have), just declare new/changed doctrine with the vote of their next General Convention, send their last naysayers packing (as I hope Pope Benedict will do with the RC liberals... how about a people exchange?) and be done with it.

As ecumenical as the mainline fancy themselves to be, funny how a lack of a central command doesn't necessarily end up with them but possibly Orthodoxy. But I don't think they want to talk about that.

Alice C. Linsley said...

A people exchange! Yes, I like that idea. : )