Monday, July 27, 2009

What is Illan Rua Wall Talking About?

Illan Rua Wall (Oxford Brookes University - Department of Law) has posted On Pain and The Sense of Human Rights (Australian Feminist Law Journal, Vol. 29, 2008) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Human rights law inscribes a relation between the political and suffering. This relation is twofold, it facilitates the radical aspect of human rights’ struggle against domination, but at the same time seems to reduce the human rights horizon to the short-term philantropism of humanitarianism. We will argue that this twofold structure is crucial to understanding human rights. We can begin to imagine a different, non-metaphysical, human rights through thinking a different concept of suffering with emphasis on ‘sense’ and ‘vulnerability’. This article is an attempt to think a future of human rights, a future which is not determined by possessive individualism and the closure of the subject.

Hat Tip to Legal Theory Blog

Would someone please explain to me what this woman is talking about? "Non-metaphysical thinking"? You mean cut the religious crap, Illan?

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