Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama Has Eye for Beauty

RIO DE JANEIRO: It’s one thing to turn a man’s head, but quite another when that man is the American president — and another still when the entire world gets to see the moment.

A 17-year-old Brazilian girl became an overnight celebrity back home after apparently catching the president’s eye at the G8 summit. Mayora Rodrigues Tavares was not so much the Girl from Ipanema as the Girl from Barro Vermelho (Red Clay), a rundown neighbourhood on the impoverished western outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.
Tavares, a social activist, was reportedly chosen to take part in the Junior G8 summit in Italy after working on a human rights study in two notorious Rio shantytowns, among them the Complexo do Alemao, a sprawling network of favelas home to around 160,000 people.
In an interview with Brazilian television earlier this month she said that travelling to the G8 was an “inexplicable feeling”. Hundreds of readers contacted news websites to comment on the photograph. “This young lady must be phenomenally beautiful,” wrote one. “After all, even Sarkozy had to hang on to his jaw.”—Dawn/Guardian News Service

However, Tavares is not the only woman to catch the President's eye. I wonder about the beauty in the black dress?

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