Thursday, July 9, 2009

Christians in Bahmani Walla Attacked by Muslim Mob

Acid attacks scar eleven Christians as 600 Muslims firebomb their village, vandalising at least 117 homes as police again fail to intervene.

On Tuesday 30 June, around 600 Muslims used petrol bombs to attack at least 117 Christian homes in Bahmani Walla, a village in Punjab, Pakistan. 117 houses were vandalised and 48 properties were damaged by fire, water pumps were sabotaged and Christians who returned home the following day found they had no electricity.

The violence was seemingly caused by an incident on Monday night, in which a Christian man driving a tractor requested that a Muslim man riding a motorcycle allow him to pass. The request was refused and a disagreement ensued. News of this was spread along with allegations of blasphemy against Islam. In the next few hours a mob of about 600 Muslims congregated in Bahmani Walla and began to attack the Christians living there.

Vehicles owned by Christians were burnt or stolen. Jewellery and cash were also taken. The following day a boycott was in force against many of the Christian businesses in Bahmani Walla.

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