Sunday, July 19, 2009

Musharraf Tells Truth About Taliban

Internal Extremism bigger threat than India, says Musharraf

Daily Times Monitor

LAHORE: Extremism and terrorism from the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and not India, are the biggest threats to Pakistani society, General (r) Pervez Musharraf has said.

He told Karan Thapar of CNN-IBN’s Devil’s Advocate programme, however, the situation would have to be re-examined if “there are threatening noises coming from the Indian side”. The interview, recorded on Wednesday in London and being aired on Saturday and Sunday in two parts, also questioned whether Pakistan was providing official patronage to anti-India groups. Musharraf denied such reports, saying they were not being granted official patronage.

To questions on back channel talks between India and Pakistan during his tenure as president, Musharraf agreed with the comments of an American journalist that the two countries “were close to a deal”. He said both countries had been close to any agreement on all three issues: Kashmir, Siachen and Sir Creek.


I totally agree with the past President’s assessment that the biggest threat to Pakistani society is from home-grown Extremists, Terrorists and Talibans who follow the Al-Qaeda forces hiding in Pakistan. The government effort to flush out these Extremists must continue. Special attention must be given to training police to resist intimidation.

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