Saturday, July 11, 2009

International Outcry Over Attack on Bahmani Wala Christians

Lahore: July 10, 2009. (PCP report) Chief Justice Khawaja Mohammad Sharif of Lahore High Court took Suo-Motu notice here today of attack on Christian by Muslim mob on June 30, 2009, at village Bahmani Wala in district Kasur.

After mediation conducted by Shahbaz Bhatti, Federal Minister for Minorities for reconciliation among Muslim and Christian compensation was awarded to Christian victims but cases against Muslim culprits were not pressed by concerned PPP Christian Minister for Minorities.

There was outrage among Christian in Pakistan and Pakistani Christians settled abroad who have been demanding justice for Christians in cases against culprits.

The common Pakistani Christian was in view that compensation in cash can not be justified to the barbaric attack by Muslims who burnt homes, looted valuables and injured women and elders.

The President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti in a statement expressed grave concern on withdrawal of demand to register cases against Muslim mob by Federal Minister for Minorities and demanded CJ of SC to take Suo-Motu notice to ensure justice.

CJ of LHC took notice of attack on Christians and burning of their homes by Muslim mob and ordered DPO and SHO of area police station to appear before court with all record on Friday.

The police have already registered cases against 9 Christians in blasphemy and riots but there is no case against Muslim culprits.

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Around 600 Muslims attached 117 homes of Christians in Bahami Wala, Pakistan on June 30, 2009. Eleven Christians were scarred by acid thrown on them as they tried to escape. Muslims firebombed their village, vandalized homes, stole valuables, and burned 48 properties. Water pumps had been sabotaged so that the fires could not be put out. The local police failed to intervene.

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