Monday, September 22, 2008

Why Are You Still Episcopalian?

If you are still sitting in a pew in The Episcopal Church, think about this.

Bishop John Chane is suing in a DC court to overthrow the gift of property to a Christian ministry that helps the poor and homeless. He is doing this on the grounds that he supports the separation of church and state. (Maybe he should stay out of politics.)

If you are still Episcopalian, think about this:

Your church leaders have deposed an internationally recognized man of God in Bishop Bob Duncan, an action which is regarded as "invalid" by Archbishops more educated and cultured than your leaders.

They have defrocked faithful clergy (See #13), inhibited Bible-believing priests, and persecuted faithful laity.

They have sued congregations and dioceses, seeking to bear false witness against God's saints.

For appearances, they have created fanthom parishes and dioceses.

They have ignored reasoned pleas by Anglican primates around the world.

They have turned deaf ears to the needy on the Dakota reservations.

They have listened only to arrogant self-serving voices and to financially comfortable gay activists, and they have violated their own canons.

Tell me, How can one remain Episcopalian and claim any integrity with leaders like these?

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