Thursday, September 25, 2008

C. of E. Bishops State Support for Bishop Duncan

As bishops in the Church of England, we are deeply saddened and shocked by the proposed deposition of Bishop Robert Duncan in the Episcopal Church, USA. We declare that we continue to believe that Bishop Bob is a bishop in the Church of God and a bishop in good standing in the Anglican Communion. We continue to pray for him and for his diocese of Pittsburgh.

+Nicholas Blackburn [The Rt. Rev. Nicholas Stewart, Diocese of Blackburn]
+Peter Cestr [The Rt. Rev. Peter Forster, Diocese of Chester]
+John Cicester [The Rt. Rev. John Hind, Diocese of Chichester]
+Michael Exon [The Rt. Rev. Michael Langrish, Diocese of Exeter]
+Michael Roffen [The Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael James Nazir-Ali, Diocese of Rochester]
+Michael Winton [The Rt. Rev. Michael Scott-Joynt, Diocese of Winchester]

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