Friday, September 5, 2008

Prideful Judges and Blindness

I like what I read today over at Scyldings in the Mead-Hall. Here is what Scyldings wrote:

I find it distressing the way some folks like to micro-analyse the (personal) lives of the candidates, and refuse to vote for them on this or that grounds. What on earth happened to charity, or to not casting the first stone? Sure, nobody can completely compartmentalise their lives, and your politics is influenced by your personal life, and vice versa. And your personal decisions do tell something about you. But at least read things in a spirit of charity, not in a spirit of hyper-criticism. Disagreeing over their life philosophies is fine, and worldview analysis is ok, but tabloid-like pursuit of personal things is very much not. For the record, I agree with the Ochlophobists’ view on how telling it is when “not aborting” is a virtue. I mean – not killing somebody I dislike is not a virtue – loving them in spite of the facts is.

But that said, I have a distinct feeling that we are seeing a lot of latent Pelagianism over the last couple of days especially – an external version of it. By this I mean that we demand perfection of others, and even rejoice in finding fault in them. Or maybe it is just pride?

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