Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gale Warning for The Episcopal Church

The Anglican Curmudgeon has this to say about the Deposition of The Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan by the Episcopal House of (Idiot) Bishops.

Though I am fortunate not to live anywhere in the paths of Hurricane Gustav or Hurricane Ike, I feel I can sympathize with those who do, because I foresee a storm of similar magnitude that is about to engulf The Episcopal Church. I feel the rise in temperature and humidity, the winds beginning to whistle, and the sudden silence of the innocent animals as they look to their masters for protection against the coming fury of the gale. I see lowering storm clouds not far off, billowing up to occupy the entire sky in one direction. One is left with a sense of frustration and hopelessness in the face of forces that have gathered at this point in space and time, as they seem unstoppable on their path to calamity and destruction.

On the one hand, the Bishops of the Church are already on the move from the four corners of the country, assembling to meet in Salt Lake City starting tomorrow. Despite an early announcement to the contrary, and despite the issuance on August 20 of a call for the meeting that made no mention of the fact, the agenda for the meeting is now clear: the powers that be have decreed that the assembled episkopoi (ironically, from the Greek word for "overseer") will be asked to consent to the immediate deposition of one of their own, without a trial.

On the other hand, at least one Bishop is staying right where he is, in Pittsburgh, and will not attend the meeting, because he deems the outcome of the vote is a foregone conclusion. He has appealed to his colleagues' sense of justice, and asks that at the very least, they do him the courtesy of a roll-call vote.

What I see unfolding in plain view is a repeat of the canonical fiasco that occurred at the March 2008 meeting of the House of Bishops in regard to the "deposition" of Bishop John-David Schofield (not to forget in the process the equally uncanonical "deposition" of Bishop William J. Cox---but he, at least, was not a sitting diocesan bishop). Having learned nothing from the storm of protest that greeted those actions, the Chief Kaitiff (as I now am impelled to dub her) is bound and determined that they shall be repeated. (Say you're happy now, once more, with feeling!)

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James said...

Although I think Duncan must be deposed, the purpose for my comment is to thank you for a wonderful laugh. Your "house of (idiot) bishops" made me laugh my tea all over the lap top. I wish I had coined that phrase! Thank you!