Saturday, February 13, 2010

Same-Sex Marriages in Mexico City

On March 4, Mexico City will became the first capital city in Latin America to have legal same-sex marriages and adoptions.

Even for Mexicans, how this ever happened is difficult to understand. You would think that this deeply religious country would take a dim view of homosexuality. According to the last official census, more than 93 percent of Mexicans are Christian: 87.9 percent Catholic, and 5.2 percent Protestant. Since same-sex marriage was only approved in the capital, the local religious situation might be different there. But it is not: 94 percent there are Christian.

Then why did the Mexico City legislature vote 39-20 on December 21 to change the definition of marriage from "a free union between a man and a woman" to "a free union between two people"?

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The Author said...

I like to think it's for the same reason Adm. Mullen wants to end the 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy in the U.S military--IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Hopefully, as more people in power (and gay people themselves) speak out, the morality of this position will become evident to more people.
Jim Johnston, Mexico City

Alice C. Linsley said...

It may be the "right thing to do" by contemporary moral and ethical standards, but many people know that these standards are the flawed innovations of the past 50 years, a mere blip on the timeline of history.