Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lions: The Help of Christians?

There is an old saying that goes something like this: If you and I are being chased by a bear I don’t need to be faster than the bear, I only need to be faster than you.

I sometimes wonder if this is how our personal judgment will go? If the bear represents hell, do I only need to be better than the guy next to me to eek my way into purgatory? I guess what I am wondering is—does God grade on a curve?
I think by 21st century standards, I am a stand-up guy. I mean, look how most people act these days; by comparison, I am like St. Francis. Well, maybe not St. Francis, but probably almost as good as St. Rene Goupil - Patron saint of Anesthesiologists.

If you remember back in college, one of the first things you wanted to know on the first day of a new class is if the professor graded on a curve and how much the mid-term and the final counted toward your final grade. That is all I am asking here. How much does the time and place that I live in influence my final grade?

Look at it this way, I am pretty sure that if I lived in Sodom I’d be doing the walk of the righteous—high-fiving Lot at the end of the day with ol’ salty pulling up the rear. But if I am to be compared to those Christians that were singing hymns of praise while being eaten by lions, I have a problem on my hands.
I am a little worried by all of this. I am worried that I might not ...

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