Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prepared for Disaster?

My friend Lee Penn has written a helpful piece on Preparing for Disasters. Here is the Introduction and the link to the full report.

Preparing for Disaster

By Lee Penn

This list of preparedness suggestions was originally prepared for a neighborhood disaster planning group in northern California in 2004. It addresses physical preparation for natural and man-made disasters. Spiritual preparation is even more important; a Christian perspective on this is set out in a friend’s wise document, at

Highest-priority items for earthquakes, blackouts, storms, and similar events

· Water – 1 gallon per person per day for 3 days
· Non-perishable food – 3 days’ supply per person
· Prescription medications – 3 days’ supply per person
· First aid supplies
· Portable, battery-powered radio
· Flashlights and lanterns
· Supplies for babies and toddlers – 3 days’ supply per child
· Sanitation items – 3 days’ supply per person

How long to prepare for?

· Minimum: most sources call for being prepared to be self-sufficient for 3 days. The Los Angeles Fire Department recommends 7 days as a minimum for earthquake preparation.
· Maximum: FEMA says: “consider having additional supplies for sheltering or home confinement for up to two weeks.” Los Angeles recommends preparing for up to 3 weeks.

What’s on this list:

Rescue teams will need the same supplies as individuals and families, as well as the additional items specified for rescuers.

Addressed in this report:
Food and water. 2
Clothing. 3
Safety/rescue. 4
Financial and legal 5
Sanitation. 6
Health and first aid. 7
Shelter. 9
Blackout-related. 9
Transportation. 9
Pet care. 10
Baby and child care. 10
In-office emergency/evacuation kit 11
In-home evacuation kit 11
Supplies for the disabled. 11
Emergency preparation check lists used. 11
Where to buy: 12

Read the full report here.

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