Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pakistan Air Force Razes Militants' Hideouts

In a tactic typical of Islamic militants, they used schools as their headquarters. The Pakistan Air Force bombed the school. Where have we heard of this before?


TANK, June 13: Thirteen people, including militants and a few non-combatants, were killed when air force planes pounded militants’ positions in South Waziristan on Saturday, in response to the assassination of a revered religious scholar by the Taliban in Lahore on Friday, military and other sources said.

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan of Baitullah Mehsud had claimed responsibility for suicide attacks in the Lahore seminary of Allama Sarfaraz Naeemi and in a mosque in Nowshera.

The main target of the air strikes was in Makeen area, the headquarters of Baitullah Mehsud. Local people said five planes took part in the attack that started at around 8am. The bombing flattened the building of a higher secondary school in Shakerkot area of Makeen. Militants had occupied the building and used it for their activities. (According to APP, in response to the suicide attack on Jamia Naeemia “two terrorists compounds were targeted by PAF in Makeen, South Waziristan Agency. The number of casualties following the air strikes at compounds occupied by terrorists could not be ascertained immediately.”)

Houses of three tribesmen — Shah Jehan Mehsud, Wali Malik Shai and Shah Khan Abdulai — were also bombed. The sources said that the grandson of Khagai Abdulai was injured while the daughter-in-law of Shapool Mehsud was killed. Three foreigners were also injured in the attack.

Security officials said that seven militants were killed and five others injured in the fresh offensive in Makeen. However, local militants denied the claim and said that one girl was killed and three children and a watchman were injured. There were unconfirmed reports that the head of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Tahir Yaldeshiv, had been injured in the air strike.

The houses of the tribesmen bombed were occupied by foreign militants, according to the sources.

On Friday night, officials said, security forces pounded suspected locations in Zara Serwakai and killed five militants. Troops also fired artillery from Jandola Fort hitting targets in Serwakai.

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