Monday, June 22, 2009

Canadian Anglicans Join ACNA

St. John’s Anglican Church in Vancouver will join a new group of conservative parishes, the latest move in an ideological battle over same-sex marriage with the local Anglican authority.

St. John’s Rev. Canon David Short will be in Texas this week for meetings to create the Anglican Church of North America. It will include roughly 700 parishes, which are united in their belief in orthodox principles. All 30 parishes that make up the conservative Anglican Network in Canada will join.

The new group will be a permanent home for St. John’s, the largest Canadian Anglican parish, with four services and roughly 1,000 worshippers most Sundays.

After leaving the Diocese of New Westminster, which authorized same-sex blessings in 2002, St. John’s joined the Diocese of the Southern Cone in South America in February 2008. The new Anglican Church of North America will unite it with conservative Anglican churches closer to home.

"The new (group) is the response of many orthodox groupings in Canada and the United States to the innovation of Canadian and American churches," said Short. "We believe that you cannot innovate. It’s the same Jesus yesterday, today and forever."

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