Thursday, October 28, 2010

Please Support BioEdge

Hi there!

When we launched BioEdge in 2001, we didn't expect that it would make us rich. Well, we were right. We are still teetering on the edge of financial viability. This is basically because we depend wholly upon donations to cover our costs. We aren't part of a big organisation. We don't have a rich uncle.

Over the next couple of weeks, ending on November 11, BioEdge is conducting a fund-raising drive. Please think about supporting this valuable resource. Every week BioEdge is read by journalists, bioethicists, health and legal professionals and others around the world. It offers a concise summary of the latest developments in bioethics with an accent on how they affect human dignity.

Whatever kind of bioethics you support, I'm sure that you agree that we need to ask hard questions about how medicine and technology affect our lives. This is just what we are doing at BioEdge. Can you help?

BioEdge is a non-profit venture. It is a project of the New Media Foundation, an Australian non-profit which sponsors innovative projects in the media. Please consider a donation.

If you work in an institution, we can also issue an invoice as documentation.


Michael Cook
Editor, BioEdge

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