Sunday, October 31, 2010

Egyptian Christians Threatened

Fears for the safety of Egyptian Christians are growing after a series of false allegations, violent threats and mass demonstrations against the Church in Egypt.

Muslim anger was ignited last month when entirely unfounded accusations were made on Al-Jazeera TV that Egyptian Christians were aligned with Israel and stockpiling weapons in preparation for waging war against Muslims. Tensions were also fuelled by baseless rumours circulated by Islamist leaders that Christians were kidnapping and torturing women who had converted to Islam.

“We must pray that the hostility towards the Church does not descend into outright violence against Christians – as we have seen before”In a separate controversy, a senior church leader was compelled to apologise publicly “if our Muslim brothers’ feelings were hurt” after another church leader questioned at an internal meeting verse in the Qur’an that accuses Christians of being “infidels”. Egyptian Christians’ rights were subsequently threatened by the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, a government body, which confirmed Egypt to be an Islamic state where “the citizenship rights of non-Muslims were conditional to their abiding by the Islamic identity of the State.”

At least ten mass demonstrations involving thousands of Muslims have since taken place against Christians, with the previously unknown group “Front of Islamic Egypt” promising them a “bloodbath”.

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Egyptian Christians are very precious to God.  It was here that Abraham's ancestors first looked forward to the coming of the Woman's Seed, the One who would be the "Son of God", who would restore Paradise and destroy death by His death. Abraham's ancestors believed the Edenic Promise (Gen. 3:15) and so do all who put their trust in Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of that promise.

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