Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pakistan Detains 150 NATO Trailers

Pakistan closed the crossing at Torkham after US helicopters killed three Pakistani soldiers on Sept 30. The incident escalated tensions over civilian casualties along the border, prompting the closure. About 50 per cent of coalition forces’ non-lethal supplies, including water, food and fuel, reach Afghanistan through Pakistan’s Torkham and Shaman gates.

The detaining of the NATO trailiers comes after the accidental deaths of  the three Pakistani soldiers:

CHAMAN: Pakistan Customs has detained 152 trailers and oil tankers at Chaman border carrying fuel and other supplies for Nato forces in Afghanistan after detecting some tampering with documents.

“Some tampering was found in Nato supplies documents presented at a Customs checkpoint in Chaman for clearance,” informed sources told Dawn.

They said that US officials in Pakistan had approached Pakistan Customs authorities on Tuesday with a request to release these oil tankers and trailers.

“Yes, US officials have contacted us with a request to clear these 152 trailers and oil tankers so they could take Nato supplies to Afghanistan,” the sources said.

They said that Customs authorities had informed United States officials about tampering with the documents.

“Trailers and oil tankers will not be allowed to go to Afghanistan unless their documents are cleared,” they said.

They said that Customs authorities sought original documents of these vehicles and supplies they were carrying to Nato forces.

The detained trailers and oil tankers were parked at the Pak-Afghan border in Chaman.

Custom authorities have decided to clear Nato tankers and trailers only after complete checking after receiving reports of smuggling through these vehicles under cover of Nato supplies.

“No vehicle carrying Nato supplies will be allowed to go to Afghanistan without checking,” the sources said.

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